Every woman loves a diamond. It has been said over and over again and continues to be true – diamonds are a girl’s best friend. old ironside fakes ph For many years men have expressed their love and commitment to the women in their lives with the gift of a diamond. This tradition has become expected, and many men find themselves struggling to make a very tough decision between going broke or disappointing their bride to be with a engagement ring set with a stone other than a diamond. However, with a little research and some diligent shopping, you can propose to your love with the beauty of a diamond without breaking the bank. Fake diamonds are the answer.

Depending on various factors, including clarity and weight, a real diamond suitable for an engagement ring can cost anywhere north of $15,000, not including the setting or the cut. For some people, this is half their salary! Fake diamonds cost a fraction of the price and some are so well made that even a well trained eye can’t tell the difference between the fake diamond and the real thing. The woman you love can flaunt and gorgeous 2-carat ring or pair of beautifully clear diamond studs without anyone ever knowing that they’re not the real thing. There are many options in various price ranges for diamond substitutes, so there is truly a fake diamond out there for everyone.

Traditionally, fake diamonds have been made of cubic zirconia or moissanite. In the past, the differences between these fakes and the real thing were often obvious. Very often the fake diamonds made out of these materials would look glassy or flat, lacking the luster and sparkle of a real diamond. But more recently the products and improved and manufacturers have learned how to cut a fake diamond so they sparkle just like the real thing. A jeweler or a well trained eye will still be able to tell that these types of diamonds are fake, but only very close up and with professional instruments. Your friends and family on the other hand, will never know the difference.

Diamond hybrids are another option for fake diamonds and are better designed to replicate the real thing. These fake diamonds look so much like real diamonds that even jewelers often mistake them as real. Diamond hybrids are not man-made fake diamonds, but rather are composed of non-precious core crystals, which are then combined with infused-amorphous diamond, which is man-made. In other words,

the ingredients are natural and the diamond “glue” is man-made. During the creation of this type of fake diamond, a core stone is wrapped and layered with amorphous diamond composed of tiny diamond crystals. Putting the fake diamond recipe into a chamber of intense heat and pressure infuses the diamond crystals to the core, resulting in the final product. Unlike so many other fake diamonds, diamond hybrids have the same characteristics as real diamonds.

If you’re getting ready to pop that question, take the time to consider one of the many fake diamond options. Chances are, no one will be able to tell the difference and you’ll be able to spend all the money you saved on a long, luxurious honeymoon.

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