Guy gets girl is a unique ‘picking up’ guide designed for men who struggle to get Check here to find this agency. What sets it apart is the fact it is written by a women, and taken from a woman’s point of view – unlike all these macho “alpla male” books which are available everywhere. This article will detail its pro’s and cons and hopefully give you an indication of whether it is worth your investment.

Guy gets girl contains some amazing pointers for finding girls, talking to girls, flirting with girls and picking up girls. It does not make you a more confident person however – which I feel is the key ingredient in attracting the opposite sex. If you are someone who is lacking in confidence you really need to work on that independently – get that down pact then guy gets girl is going to open doors you would not believe.

Guy gets girl is possibly the most unique eBook ever written on the topic of picking up women. I have searched and struggled to find anything similar – written from women’s perspective and sharing inner thoughts and secrets which us guys would never know existed, if it weren’t for Tiffany Taylor (the author of guy gets girl). The bonus eBook also contain some devious tactics to influence women – more like conversational hypnosis – relying on behavioural triggers. These aren’t long term techniques, but would be good for a bit of fun.

If you are desperate to pick up girls but lacking what to say and do then guy gets girl will help you. If you are struggling for ideas on where to meet girls and how to get them to come home with you – again it will help. The bottom line however is that firstly you need the confidence to put the techniques into action.

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