The real fact is that in the past there was hardly any choice to buy a radio control helicopter unlike today. Those days only one big type nitro powered radio control helicopter was available which was,How do you purchase your radio control helicopter? Articles hard to fly and maintain as well. But today a range of Radio control helicopters available to choose from models such as full size nitro model , full size electronic model , palm size fully functioning 4 channel helicopter, 4 channel co-axial helicopter or channel2 & 3 limited capability Radio control helicopter.

Electric radio control helicopter has always been a fun hobby. Just the mere thought of flying gives a sense of thrill and excitement. A radio control helicopter is a model aircraft which have gained popularity due to the advancement made in battery technology. a radio control helicopter can be electric, gas or nitro powered . But the electric model is by far the most accessible as it is less expensive and easier to maintain. It is usually powered by a Lipo Battery and needs no assembling and is ready to operate right out of the box. It can fly up to 12 minutes on a single 30 minutes battery charge. This radio control helicopter is more suitable for children from 14+ to adults as well.

There are two types of radio control helicopters coaxial and conventional helicopters. These two radio control helicopters are really great and easy to fly helicopters but both of them have their own style of performance. The coaxial style radio control helicopter has a n upper and lower rotor blade and no blade on the tail while the conventional type radio control helicopter has a upper rotor with pedals as well as an independent rotor. The coaxial style helicopter is very easy to fly but is limited in maneuverability and stunts tricks performance while the conventional type radio control helicopter is capable of much more stunt and tricks but it is harder to fly and it is also known as the 3D flying radio control helicopter.

Always remember to choose a model of a radio control helicopter from a store or an online store where services and support is freely available. In doing so, you can be rest assured that the particular model or the brand will have abundant of spare parts and a good support base for you at any time you have a need for it.

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