The edible mushroom is a highly prized and popular food which can be easily grown with a lot of pleasure and satisfaction by beginners with as much success as by those with an extensive experience. There is a lot of information available about how to grow mushrooms at home. Your success with growing buy legal shrooms, however, depends on general conditions, proper equipment, intelligent management and care, and persistent application.

There is a widespread wrong impression that there is some secret about growing mushrooms indoors, that the procedure is shrouded in mystery, and that they have to be grown in the midnight darkness. However, even though many farmers of mushrooms don’t release some of their methods, this is a misunderstood idea. Growing mushrooms at home just need any dark corner or unused shelter where temperatures are moderately cool and ventilation is appropriate. They don’t require sunlight and can be grown almost anywhere outdoor and indoor where there is a dry bottom. More important is to have moist atmosphere and mild even temperatures in the area where mushrooms can be protected from direct sunshine, winds, droughts, and sudden fluctuations of temperatures and moisture. Most desirable places for growing mushrooms indoors are cellars, basements, closed tunnels, sheds, pits, and greenhouses.

The proper equipment varies among different types of mushrooms. But general supplies needed to cultivate mushrooms include: boxes or trays or beds, compost/manure, water mister, spawn, peat moss or sterile soil, a thermometer, and most importantly – mushroom growing kits. Farming mushrooms will require spores – the origin of the mushroom – and eventually mycelia – the vegetative part of fungus(mushroom). There are many kits on the market today that will provide you with enough varying types of spores/mycelia and other specific tools and instructions so you know how to cultivate mushrooms.

We covered one of the most important parts of cultivating mushrooms process at your convenience – the preparation process. There are many various specific techniques on how to grow mushrooms at home for each type of mushrooms – reviews about various mushroom growing kits, preparing compost and trays, “where to grow” reviews, conditions and watering, growing and picking process.

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