Want to Be in Style? Here’s a Handmade Silver Ring for Every Trendy Color

Do you love to be on-trend? So do we. That’s why we’ve looked into the colors for the latter half of 2011, and discovered that the season’s color palette will be full of muted pastels, spicy hues, and unique engagement rings, silvery neutrals. We’re thrilled: these colors speak optimism, growth, vivacity, and cheer. What better way to look good and feel good, than to treat yourself to a handmade silver ring with a gemstone in one of the season’s trendy colors?

Here are the top colors for the season, and the gemstone that will reflect them best when set in a silver ring of your choosing. First and foremost is honeysuckle, Pantone’s color of the year.  This reddish-pink hue lives in the garnet, which looks particularly good against the silver of a handmade silver ring. A silver ring with garnet is the perfect accessory for the businesswoman, as garnets are known to bring luck in business!

We were thrilled to learn that another of the season’s “hot” colors is burnt orange, because we just love carnelians! We have nothing bad to say about their deep amber hue, or their tendency to serve as a general, all-purpose healing and energy-balancing gemstone. Now wouldn’t you like a handmade silver ring with such a gemstone on your finger?

Peapod yellow-green is the color of the lovely peridot, a translucent hue redolent of summer itself – which makes perfect sense, since the peridot is the birthstone of August. Wear a handmade silver ring with a peridot gemstone, and you’ll be in fashion all summer long. This lovely gemstone is also thought to strengthen life and foster growth and openness – all the more reason to have it set in a silver ring.

The amethyst is the gemstone that will reflect the seasonal trend of lavender. Amethysts are considered a “stone of the mind”; wearing one set in a silver ring is thought to bring calmness and clarity, and help you attend to your intuitions and feelings. And even if none of this were true – handmade silver ring with one or more amethyst gemstones would still look simply smashing!

Smoky quartz is becoming ever more popular, which is a “handy” thing for those who favor a handmade silver ring with this chocolate-brown gemstone. This translucent, “smoky” member of the quartz family is thought to be nature’s stone of endurance. Hence, a handmade silver ring with a smoky quartz gemstone is a good thing to have on hand when undertaking an arduous task.

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