* Do the right thing when you prepare the Web site.
Hire reputable professionals to build and promote your
cyber adventure. If you already have a Web site, remember
that a Web site can easily be redesigned and properly
resubmitted to search 토토먹튀.

* Have your site designed according to W3C Recommendations –
the Official HTML coding rules. Yes, this takes time and it’s
much easier to use an HTML editor, but the results are much
better when properly coded by hand. Watch your site’s
accessibility and usability. Don’t forget to test and
validate the code. Talking about testing, do yourself a favor:
check the spelling on your pages.

* Do not use spamming techniques. You might not be caught
today, but one day the Search Engines OR your competitors
will find you. Search Engines sometimes will use this reason
to ban your site FOR LIFE.

For more about spam please read my article:
“Search Engine Spamming Sucks!”
[ http://www.web-design-in-new-york.com/articles.html ]

* Avoid gizmos: JavaScripts, Flash or frames.
Bells and whistles will NEVER help your page’ ranking.
In fact, it will hurt your site’s indexing or ranking in the
Search Engines and will annoy most of your viewers.
So, just don’t do it!

* Have interesting content in your pages, content that grabs
your viewer’s attention. No matter how beautiful your site is,
no matter how much professional promotion you made,
if the site doesn’t grab viewer’s interest, he will leave –
you guessed it — to your competitors’ sites.

Also, use the Title tag, the Keyword and Description
meta tags in your HTML coding to list targeted keywords
from the contents of your pages. This helps the
Search Engines rank your site higher.

* Promote the site thoroughly. Submit the site properly to
Search Engines and Web Directories and pay special
attention to the link popularity issue- contact Webmasters
of related sites to ask them to include a link to your site.
Yes, it takes time, but it’s worth it.

So, let’s see: do we dot-com or not? You bet we do!
There are tremendous opportunities on the Internet.
Find your niche, follow the rules, work hard and
you’ll make it.

It will not be easy but if you believe in your dream
and set realistic expectations, you’ll be successful.

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