Miami is an industrial city and port in southeastern Florida. At present, it has a population of 362,500. Around 66% of the population is of Hispanic origin. top Florida architects is the center of finance, trade, and transport in the region, with air connections to Latin America and the Caribbean.

The city’s major industries include food processing, transportation and electronic equipment, clothing, furniture, and machinery. With its subtropical climate, Miami is also a major tourism destination. The city of Miami beach is situated on a barrier island, and is linked to the city by bridges. Tourism is the mainstay of the local economy; and each year, millions of domestic and foreign visitors use the hotels and tourist facilities of the city and its offshore island beaches.

For families, there area many reasons for moving to Miami. Among the reasons include the abundance of sunny skies, the proximity to white-sand beaches, diverse culture and interesting employment opportunities.

As with every family moving in, everyone runs into the same logistical problems. In getting housing, your search for appropriate shelter options would probably best started by selecting a neighborhood. The Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau has a Neighborhood Guide, and this would be of great assistance for families.

Miami is also home to a large number of good-quality educational institutions for your children. If you have school-age kids, Miami-Dade Public Schools is the fourth-largest public school district in the nation. The city is also home to the University of Miami, Florida International University and a number of other colleges and universities.

When it comes to finding the perfect vacation destination or permanent place to live,it would be quite hard to top the uniqueness of Miami. Miami is best known for its year-round sunshine, its surf and its wide array of recreational facilities for families and their children.

Couples and their kids can bask in the sun, go sunbathing, swimming, kayaking, or play volleyball and other beach sports. The good thing is that the ocean is in close proximity to the city center, making it readily accessible for families to visit Miami’s world-famous white-sand beaches.

Miami is one of the favorite locations for families, single folk and couples from around the world. Whether you go to this city for the sun and the surf, the nightlife, cultural activities, or wish to work here, there are many reasons why Miami is enjoying such rapidly growing popularity with tourists and residents alike. There is plenty to like about the city , and smart travelers already know what the area has to offer.

One great place for families is the Oleta River State Recreation Park. Known as the largest urban park in Florida, it has trails for biking, a beach for swimming, picnic areas and a playground for kids. Families can get a canoe or kayak to row to a mangrove island within the park. Several animals such as eagles and fiddler crabs also make their home here. The park has 14 cabins with air conditioning, and facilities like bathrooms, showers and grills are located outside the cabins.

Another nice recreational spot for families is the Venetian Pool, In the 1920s, Denman Dink transformed this limestone quarry into a pool with a waterfall, an area for kids and an area for adults. The water in this pool comes from a spring and is drained daily. In addition to the swimming facilities there is a snack bar and lockers. Swimming lessons are also offered here. The Venetian Pool is best known for having Esther Williams and Johnny Weissmuller, who was the silver screen’s first Tarzan, swim here.

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