Brushing your teeth is one of those things you need to do daily. I have had the same old manual toothbrush for 2 years! Not very hygienic and you be right. The rest of the family have an electric itunes gift card toothbrush and are constantly reminding me that I am living in the dark ages. Time to get an electric rechargeable toothbrush I suppose, but which one? I had a look online and had a look in the local supermarket, but there is so much choice. Rechargeable toothbrushes seem to range in price from £19 right through to over £100.

I am not tight but I really did not want to pay more than £25 for an electric rechargeable toothbrush. After a bit of searching I found the Oral-B Professional Care 6000 Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush within my price range. I went ahead and purchased and binned my old smelly toothbrush. Not ever having an rechargeable toothbrush it was a bit of a culture shock when I first used it. First of all before I let you know how I got on, I will give you the manufacturers list of features below

So how did I get on? Well without going overboard it was fantastic, now I am not sure if this was because I had never used and electric rechargeable toothbrush before and that I was easily impressed. However I can only say that I could feel the spaces between my teeth again and running my tongue along the front of my teeth they felt really clean and fresh. So for what I paid for it and after using it for the last 6 months I can recommend the Oral-B Professional Care 6000 without hesitation. Its good value for money and really cleans your teeth and with the 2 minute timer, you know you are getting a proper clean as recommended by your dentist.

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