A dental emergency can take any shape, and sometimes this situation can be a bit confusing. Most patients often get confused on whether to visit a یونیت دندانپزشکی clinic or stick to the drugs given to them at the pharmacy. One of the signs you need to decide whether you need a dentist’s attention or not is the level of the pain.

Some pain can be seasonal and caused by what you eat during breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Sometimes the pain can be a result of fractured teeth. Whenever you feel severe pain consistently over time, that is a red flag that you need a dentist’s attention, especially when the pain becomes unbearable.

Dental emergencies, what should you do? Accidents or injuries to the teeth can happen when you participate in sporting events or when you slip off the floor. However, when these accidents happen, you should respond to the situation on time. So, the first thing you should do is to contact your dentist to report the situation.

If the level of injury is terrible, you can request an ambulance service to get the best treatment from first aid attention even before getting to the clinic. However, if the injury is minimal, drive yourself down to the clinic or hire a cab straight to the clinic for immediate dental attention.

Now, this is a different ball game entirely. If you are far away from a dental clinic or you can’t access your dentist, here is a tip on what you should do: The best thing to do here is to apply dental floss. However, ensure you are careful not to cause additional injury to your gum. Dental floss will minimize the impact of the object till you get a dental care treatment.

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